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■Address:Okayama 1056 Mikasa-shi
■Hours:April~October 9:00~18:00
November~March 9:00~17:00
■Closed:Monday (the next day if Monday is a holiday) and December 30~January 4
■A big waterwheel greets visitors to No-no-Yakata, or “Farmers’ Castle”, where you can buy local products. The ramen shop is open all the year round. The adjacent Shoku-no-Kura, or “Food Storehouse”, which is open in all seasons except winter,sells local agricultural products, including 8-lined corn when in season.



■Address:Akagawa 156-7 Kitamura Iwamizawa-shi
■Hours for day bath users:7:00~23:30
(admission until 22:00)
■Closed:one day each in May and October
■Fees:adults 500 yen, children 250 yen
■Kitamura is a 100 percent fresh natural hot spring. They have open-air baths and hot rock bed baths. Just warm yourself and relax! They also offer delicious dishes made with local ingredients in season.



■Address:Okayama 1042-20 Mikasa-shi
■Hours for day bath users:10:00~23:00
■Open all the year round
■Fees:adults 780 yen, children 420 yen, free under 3 years
■Located next to Roadside Station Mikasa, it offers six different baths including one open-air bath made of hinoki cypress and another of teppeiseki (a kind of andesite), as well as jet baths and daily special baths. Other facilities for relaxation and meals are also available. A very relaxing time is guaranteed here!

【Spike Tires】
The one absolutely necessary item is spike tires for your bicycle. Of the various types available, choose ones with lots of studs, which will firmly grip the surface of icy roads and ensure your safety.Never use regular unstudded tires on icy roads.


You may want to wear a very thick jacket and warm clothes because you will be cycling in freezing temperatures. But you may work up quite a sweat while cycling on snow.
・high performance inner wear
・a light fleece jacket
・Just wear three pieces of wind-proof outerwear!
It will be good enough! But be sure to cover up your feet, ears, and nose, all of which tend to get very cold.

Head:If you fall and hit the hard frozen road surface, you may get seriously injured. So wearing a helmet is good for your own safety.
Neck/Ear:A neck warmer and ear muffs are also useful. A long neck warmer can nicely cover your ears.
Hands:As for gloves, wear thick ones. But do not use mitten type gloves because these will keep you from being able to use your hands well.
Foot:Wear thick socks or put small heat packs in your shoes.



A clear day with below-zero temperatures is best for snow cycling.You can enjoy more on fine days,but if the temperature is too high, the snow begins to melt, making cycling difficult and consuming more of your energy. Avoid snow cycling on stormy days. You might end up not being to see very far in front of you!


Using spike tires does not mean you will never slip. When riding on snow-covered roads and ice patches, you will have to be careful. You should keep the following points in mind.

・Don't cycle too fast.
・Do not tilt your bicycle when turning corners.
・Try to ride straight ahead as much as possible.*If your front tire skids, this can cause the bicycle to fall.
・Watch out for ruts and bumps on icy roads.


Snow cycles use car roads just like regular bicycles,so watch out for traffic, especially where the snow is piled up on the sides, making the road narrower and impairing visibility. If necessary, stop and let cars pass.


For first-time snow cyclists, how about renting a mountain bike with snow tires? There are also guided tours offered by cycling specialists. How about giving one a try?

■Cycling Frontier Hokkaido



Minami Ainosato 6-chome 7 Kita-ku Sapporo-shi








5,000 yen/day for a mountain bike with spike tires 1,000 yen/day for a helmet
Delivery fee: 1,000 yen for one time,anywhere within Sapporo city limits

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