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■Address:Horooka 392 Akabira-shi
■Open:Mid-May~The end of October
■Fees:Admission fees (with a bathing ticket) adults 1,000yen, children 500yen Fee for a camp site:2,000yen~
■Electricity, tap water and a sewage system are available at each site. If you don’t have a tent,you can enjoy a comfortable stay in a cabin. This place is convenient for long time campers because there is a shop, vending machines,rental bikes, a coin laundry and shower rooms at the administration building.



■Address:Horooka 54 Akabira-shi
Summer hours 10:00~17:00
■Closed:Not fixed
■Yorimichi no Eki Horooka SOUKO is open between spring and autumn. They sell food, including local agricultural products and homemade sweets, noodles and pickles. It’s a good place to get information on the area.



■Address:Horooka 377 Akabira shi
■Open all the year round
■Fees:adults 500 yen, children 300 yen
■Located amidst beautiful nature, this hot spring offers various bathing facilities, including a jacuzzi, a sauna,and an open-air bath overlooking the plateau.



■Address:Horooka147-1 Akabira-shi
(Akabira Shinkokosha co.)
■Located near a big castle visible from Route 38, this Japanese-style garden has a lawn and a small waterfall cascading down a pile of rocks. The hill in the Square offers a panoramic view of Akabira.



■Address:Horooka 375 Akabira shi
■Open:Early May~Late October
■Fees:500 yen per person
■This campground is located in the vast nature. It offers tennis courts, a BBQ facility, a playground (Trim Square), and a field with a waterfall called Cascade.There is also a hot spring within walking distance.


To revitalize the local community, citizens spent four years creating Jagaru, a kind of meat-filled dumpling.
Local red potatoes are used for the dough, and ground pork and vegetables for the filing.
Sold for 300 yen a piece, they come in three flavors and are loved by people of all ages for their delicious taste.
■Phone:0125-32-6760 Horooka SOUKO


Gan Gan Hot Pot

Akabira's No. 1 traditional food, Gan Gan Hot Pot, was born in this coal mining town as a workers' dish.
“Gan Gan” means something strong and intense.
It suggests the image of hardworking local people heartily enjoying a meal in a room heated by a roaring fire.
Consisting of pork intestines, vegetables and soy-bean curd cooked together in miso soup, it is nutritious and sure to make you healthier!
■Gan Gan Hot Pot Promotion Committee Phone: 0125-32-2265


●How to avoid heat stroke

While cycling,some risks should be recognized.
Don’t push yourself too hard! Take a rest and enjoy! When you sweat, salt as well as your body water will be lost.
Drink sports drinks to supplement sodium.
Bring some food containing sodium such as salt candy, just in case.


●How to find your way back when you’re lost

When you are lost, try to find a car and ask the driver for a help.
But when you are in a remote area and cannot find any car, use your cell phone and contact the police.
If you don’t have any phone available, you should go back the road you took.
If you are completely lost, don’t panic! Be patient and try to find a building, a car, or a person and ask for help.
Never wander into narrower roads or make turns.