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■Address:Arashiyama Takasu-cho Kamikawa-gun
■Open:late April~October 15
(may change depending on snowfall and time of snow melt)
(last admission 16:30)
■Closed: 2nd and 4th Monday
(the next day when it is a holiday)
■Located in Arashiyama Park, this is one of the most notable northern wild plant gardens in Japan. There are 600 kinds of plants growing here. There are a total of 5.2 km of walking paths, including three main ones(30-minute, one-hour and two-hour courses). Along the paths, beautiful wild plants can be seen from early spring to late autumn. You can also enjoy seeing animals, plants, and wild birds!



■ Address: the entire region of Asahigaoka Asahikawa-shi
■ Phone:0166-52-9387
(The office of Kita-no-Arashiyama Tourism )
■ There are art studios for various
purposes: ceramic art, glassware, dyeing,and wood works. Art galleries, cafes, and beautiful gardens in this area are attracting an increasing number of visitors. It first started out as an area for ceramic artists but now includes a wide range of artists. Visitors admire this area for its creative culture and the occupants’beautiful lifestyles.



■ Address: Takasu-cho 3366-23 Kamikawa-gun
■Open:late April~late October
■ Hours:10:00~16:00
■ There are various activities held amid the rich nature of Arashiyama: nature watching, Arashiyama traverse hiking,Mimizuku-no-Mori Adventure School, mini concerts, art classes for kids and much more! You can learn various things in this natural setting.



■ Address: Chuo Etanbetsu-cho Asahikawa-shi
■ Phone:0166-73-2409
■ Open:5/1~10/31
Lodge 4/1~11/30
■ Fees:Free
■Etanbetsu Wakamono-no-Sato is a campground anybody can use free of charge and is located 2 km away from the city center of Asahikawa. There is a kitchen, a charcoal grill facility, and a fire circle. Nearby, in the Wakamono Center building, seminar rooms are available for various activities such as chorus singing or folk dancing.

Horokanai Buckwheat

■Horokanai is just right for growing high quality buckwheat because of the large temperature differences between daytime and nighttime and the frequent morning mists.
Buckwheat noodles highly valued for their flavor and texture are sold as a local specialty.
In the town there are many buckwheat noodle restaurants that serve delicious noodles!


Horokanai Soba Festival

■Address: near the townhall of Horokanai
JA Kitasorachi (Horokanai Soba Festival Organizing Committee)
■Held: 8/30~9/1 2013 (the first Saturday and Sunday in September every year)
■At this event, some buckwheat noodle restaurants from other areas of Japan set up stalls.
You can enjoy different soba from around the nation! There are contests for amateur noodle makers: one for all Hokkaido and one for females from all over Japan.
A ranking examination for amateurs is also held.
Other features include the Horokanai Photo Contest, a display of buckwheat panels, and buckwheat making classes.
This is the place to enjoy the buckwheat town of Horokanai to your heart’s content!

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