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■Address:Koyo 100-1 Otoe-cho Fukagawa-shi
Weekends and holidays 11:00~16:00
■Locally grown black rice called kita-no-murasaki and other locally grown ingredients are used at this restaurant. Their Kuromai Burger won the first prize at the Burger Grand Prix held in Iwamizawa-shi in February, 2011. Some other locally made products are also sold here.



■Address:Otoe 600 Otoe-cho Fukagawa-shi
■Hours for day bath users:9:00~22:00
■Closed:6 Day a year (3 days each in April and October)
■Fees:adults 600 yen, children 300 yen
■This is a facility for promoting exchanges between cities and farm communities. Fresh seasonal ingredients from Fukagawa are used in delicious dishes, mostly French style. They also have hot springs and cottages. Some experience programs let you try your hand at making ice cream, bread, and woodcrafts, for example.



■Address:Otoe 777 Otoe-cho Fukagawa-shi
■Closed:Tuesday (Wednesday when Tuesday is a national holiday)
■Located on a hill next to Saint Margaret Church,this restaurant offers beautiful views from its large bay windows. The chef’s special spaghetti is popular. Other delicious selections include the Chef's Day Choice Lunch and the Hamburg Steak and Deep-Fried Jumbo Shrimp Set.



■Address:Otoe 459-1 Otoe-cho Fukagawa-shi
■Open:May~the end of October (all the year round for cottages)
■Fees:admission adults 500 yen, children 250 yen (half prices: weekdays except in July and August and before a holiday)
Extra charge for using facilities
■Located at the foot of the Otoe Mountains, this campground offers a great view of Mt. Otoe, Ishikari River and Fukagawa-shi. There are sites for either cars or tents, as well as cottages. Their plans include the “Come-as-you-are Plan” and the “BBQ Set Plan” Choose the suitable one for you.



■Address:Otoe 777 Otoe-cho Fukagawa-shi
■Closed:not fixed
■This sweets shop is located on Irumu Hill next to St. Margaret Church. There are a larch forest and orchards nearby. On sunny days, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sorachi Plain. Each season offers different charms all its own. A cozy place for families, lovers and friends.



■Address:Hirosato 59-7 Otoe-cho Fukagawa-shi
(December~March 11:00~20:00)
■Closed:December 31~January 2
■Located at the intersection of Route 12 and 233. Everything inside is related to rice. Come, relax, experience and taste! The popular lunch box Fukagawa Sobameshi is sold here. This also serves as an entrance to Agri-Kobo Mabu and Auto Campground.

■These soft, mildly sweetened steamed rice cakes are in the shape of a triangle.
The name uroko, meaning fish scales, goes back to the days when herring fishing was at its peak and all the cargo trains arriving at Fukagawa Station were covered with fish scales, which happen to be a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.
They are sold at many places: Fukagawa Station, Roadside Station Rice Land Fukagawa, Sunagawa Service Area on Hokkaido Expressway, and Daimaru Department Store.

■Phone:Urokodango Honpo 0164-23-2660



Do you know the Melon Bear who lives in Yubari? Since being shown on TV, he has become a representative local character known nationwide.
His blog, “Scary Melon Bear's Blog” has moving, scary and funny stories.
Why did he become violent and weird looking? Nobody knows.
Come and find out!

■Phone:Hokkaido Products Center Yubari Shop 0123-58-3331



He has shaggy, poofy hair, googling eyes, and a devilish grin on his big mouth! It’s hobgoblin Merokkimo! Out of the blue, it appeared on a melon farm in Moshiri, Akabira.
The farmer who found it, though surprised on the first encounter, is now hopelessly in love! They say the devilish look of Merokkimo has the power to ward off the evil spirits.
Would you like a Merokkimo T- shirt or cell phone strap to be part of the boom?

■Phone:Moshiri Kosan co. 0125-32-2452