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  • Pay close attention to pedestrians and cars.
  • Bicycles have to use the left side of car roads.
  • You can use the pedestrian walk when the sign indicates that bicycles are allowed. Otherwise, only when absolutely necessary. Keep in mind that pedestrians have the priority. And when it is crowded with pedestrians, get off the bicycle and push it.
  • The following are prohibited by law when you are on a bicycle: carrying an umbrella, using a cell phone, and using head-sets. Cycling while drunk and use of the right side of car roads are also prohibited.
  • Do not ride zigzag or at high speed down a slope.
  • Do not ride side by side next to another cyclist. You may cause problems by blocking the way for pedestrians on the side, and you increase the risk of being involved in a car accident.
  • Turn on your lights at night and in tunnels. Before you go on a long ride, check your lights. It may get dark on your way back.
  • Hand signal to the cars behind you whenever you change lanes or pull around a parked car.




Generally speaking, 5 to 10 minutes of rest is recommended for every 40 to 60 minutes of cycling. But adjust the frequency and the length of the rest to your physical condition. When you take a longer rest, be sure to keep your body warm and do some stretching before you start again..


If you feel ill, stop cycling and take a rest. If you still don't get better, call 119 or call a local clinic. Don't think, "I don't want to cause trouble," or "I will soon be OK". It could be serious. If you are not so sure about your physical condition, please stop cycling immediately!


Drink some water every 15 minutes. In summer, sports drinks will supply salt and minerals and help prevent hyperthermia. After drinking sports drink, you may want to rinse out your mouth with water. This will prevent your mouth from feeling dry.


The following steps are recommended if you suspect hyperthermia.

  • Move to a cool place such as the shade or an air conditioned room.
  • Put a cold wet towel or some ice over your hands and feet.
  • Loosen your clothes and take a rest.
  • Cool your body.