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■Address:2085 Chippubetsu-cho Uryu-gun
November~March 9:00~16:00
■Closed:Tuesday(November~April)and Dec.30~Jan.5.
■The Centenary Memorial Tower here has the nation's largest swing bells at the top. Local products and fresh local vegetables are on sale, and light meals such as soba (buckwheat noodles) and udon (wheat noodles) are served at the restaurant. At the hot spring, Chip Yu & Yu, you can take a day bath or stay overnight.



■Address: Itaya 143-2 Hokuryu-cho Uryu-gun
■On this 23.1 hectare hill, 1.3 million sunflowers bloom. The Sunflower Festival is held between late July and late August,when the flowers are at their best. Sunflowers from other countries are on display, and you can enjoy a sunflower maze and a sunflower Ferris wheel. They also have bicycles you can rent.



■Address: 2085 Chippubetsu-cho Uryu-gun
■Fees: adults 500 yen, children 250 yen
■Open all the year round
■The outdoor bath is popular. It has a jacuzzi, a jet bath and the newly opened ceramic bath tub called Golden Water. In the indoor bathing area, there are an electric bath and a high temperature sauna.



■Address:Mitani 4-5 Hokuryu-cho Uryu-gun
■Open:Early May~Late October
■Camp fee:Free
■This natural hill park features a campground and an outdoor BBQ facility. It offers natural beauty all the year round: cherry blossoms, moss pink, and white birch in spring, beautiful changing foliage in autumn. Open fireplaces dot the park, with its wide open spaces. There is a covered area for rainy days.



■Address:1264 1-chome Chippubetsu-cho Uryu-gun
(Chippubetsu-cho Education Board)
■Open:May 10~September 30
■Camp fee:1,000 yen
■There is a park golf course, tennis courts, and playground equipment. The campground is on the lawn and close to Chippubetsu Hot Spring and Roadside Station.



■Address:3-jou Higashi 2, Chippubetsu-cho Uryu-gun
(Chippubetsu Tourism Promotion Ltd.)
(on request between early October and late April)
■Hours:6:00~17:00(admission until 16:45)
■Admission: free (but donations accepted)
■Here you can see twelve different kinds of sheep from around the world.



■Address:Itaya 163-2 Hokuryu-cho Uryu-gun
Shops 8:00~21:00
Hot spring 9:30~22:00
Restaurant 11:00~20:00
■Open all the year round
■This facility has a hot spring and a shop selling local products, as well as lodgings. Of course, sunflowers are featured in everything.
You will see sun flowers in the hot spring, in the ice cream and in other items. And when they’re in season, the vast fields of sunflowers in bloom right behind the building make a splendid sight.



■Address:3-jo Higashi 2 Chome Chippubetsu-cho Uryu-gun
(Chippubetsu-cho Town Hall)
■Open:From late June through early October
■Hours:9:00~17:00(admission until 16:45)
■Admission:Free (but donations accepted)
■This outdoor recreation facility features flowers and plants. Rose-flavored ice cream is sold in Bara-no-Shiro Flora rest house, which is located within the park. At“Yume Pocket”, rose seedlings are available and classes in rose candle making are offered.



■Address:Itaya 338-5 Hokuru-cho Uryu-gun
■Hours:10:00~15:00(may have seasonal changes)
■Closed:Monday(Tuesday when a national holiday falls on the preceding Monday)
■Located in the Roadside Station Sunflower Hokuryu,the shop sells fresh vegetables grown by the town’s people in their own gardens. There is a restaurant,Okasan's Kitchen, where you can get takeout food.
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