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■Address:Kamuiwa 495-1 Rumoi-shi
(Monday~Friday 10:00~22:00)
■Open all the year round
■Fees:Adult 500yen Children 200yen
■Two different kinds of natural hot spring water can be enjoyed. It’s said that the Ainu bathed in this water to cure illnesses or wounds. Today, people with medical problems stay for an extended period to get better.



■Address: Obira-cho 479-16 Obira-cho Rumoi-gun
■Hours:10:00~22:00 (last admission 21:30)
■Closed:Every 3rd Tuesday
■Fees:Adults 500 yen, Children 300 yen
(4 years and older up to elementary school age)
■Their 15 guest rooms can accommodate up to 52 people. Their big bathtubs use prized komeiseki (a special kind of stone with medicinal properties). The restaurant Koyo serves delicious dishes using local ingredients.



■Address:Reuke-cho Rumoi-shi
(Sunset Senbodai)
■Gentle rolling hills 180 meters above the sea. From the top, you can get a panoramic view of the city of Rumoi,spreading around Rumoi Port. On sunny days, Teuri and Yagishiri Islands can be seen on the horizon. Its beautiful scenery at sunset and at night naturally make this a popular dating spot.



■Address:Hanaoka Obira-cho Rumoi-shi
(Keizai-ka Obira-cho)
■Open:Between June 29 and August 25.(August 24 is the last night for accommodation)
■Applications:Starting April 1
■Hours:Check-in 13:00 and
Check-out 10:00
■Open all the year round
■Fees:Adults 200yen, Junior high school kids and younger 150yen
■Boyodai Campground is located on a hill overlooking the town of Obira and the Japan Sea. From here you can see the most beautiful sunsets anywhere! Auto sites, bungalows, showers, and free parking are available.



■Address:Omachi 2-chome Rumoi-shi
■Open:Late April to early October
■Hours:9:00~18:00 (admission until sunset)
■Open every day during the business season
■There are exhibits on how the Japan Sea was formed. Other displays cover the culture of the area and the history of the once-prosperous herring fishing industry that brought fortune to the city in the past. From the observation deck,you can get a spectacular view of the Japan Sea.



■Address:Horoshin Numata-cho Uryu-gun
(Shoko Kanko Ka Numata-cho)
■Poropiri Lake provides drinking and agricultural water to people in the Kita Sorachi Region. In autumn people come to this so-called hidden treasure to see the autumn foliage. In spring and summer, photographers come to take photos of wild plants and animals.



■Address:Omachi 2-chome Rumoi-shi
■Phone:0164-42-1840(Kanko Bussan Gakari Keizai Kowan Ka Rumoi-shi)
■This is a seaside park with a rocky beach where adults as well as children can have fun. You can go from one section of rocks to another by walking on a pathway.At dusk the busy atmosphere of the daytime waxes somewhat nostalgic.



■Adress:Horoshin Numata-cho Uryugun
(Numata-cho Kaseki kan)
■In this scientific library, the circumference of a coal mine diorama and coal specimen and coal mining tools are exhibited.



■Address:Reuke-cho Rumoi-shi
■Open:Late April to early October
(July and August until 20:00)
■Closed:Monday (no closed days
between mid-June and Mid August)
■Reuke Ranch, with its large windmills overlooking the Japan Sea and Mt. Shokan, is called “the hill where the wind is visible”. It’s a popular place for tourists.