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■Address:Mogami 506-1 Kurisawa-cho Iwamizawa-shi
■Furusato-no-Mieru Oka is a big sports & leisure area including tennis courts, a pool, a golf course,a gym, a baseball stadium and a multi-purpose ground. They also have an observatory commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the old town of Kurisawa, and a friendship field marking its sister city relationship with Canby, Oregon in the U.S.



■Address:Yuchi 91 Kuriyama-cho Yubari-gun
■Hours for day bath users:7:00~22:00
■Open all the year round
■Fees:adults 550 yen, children 250 yen
■At this hotel, you can enjoy hot spring bathing, park golf and seasonal dishes. The sodium component of the spring water works wonders for arthralgia and neuralgia and also makes your skin smoother. In addition to the large indoor baths, they also have open air baths and saunas.



■Address:Mogami Kurisawa-cho Iwamizawa-shi
■Open:May 1~October 31
■In this huge park, there is a campground and an observatory. And the Adventure Land has various attractions such as a pirate ship,a dinosaur, a roller slider and a windmill.
There are also gazebos equipped with barbecue tables.



■Address:Uenbetsu 1-4 Kuriyama-cho Yubari-gun
December~March 9:00~17:00
■Closed:Tuesday and new year’s holidays
■This former elementary school was remodeled as an environmental center that also includes lodging facilities. To promote a greater awareness of nature and the environment among youth,educational programs are held here in a natural environment. Programs are available for even a single person, but the minimum number for lodging is ten people (reservations required).

●Do not ride two to one bike.

It destabilizes the bicycle and increases braking distance. It is very dangerous!
Penalty:up to a 20,000 yen fine (Road Traffic Law, Article 57)

●Ride single file!

Do not ride parallel to another bicycle unless on designated bike roads. On sidewalks, it will block the pedestrian traffic. On car roads, your bike may get too close to cars. It is very dangerous!
Penalty:up to a 20,000 yen fine (Road Traffic Law, Article 19)


●Hold the handlebars with two hands.

Riding with only one hand could cause errors when braking. This is very dangerous!
Penalty:up to a 50,000 yen fine (Road Traffic Law, Article 71)

●Do not ride without a light at night!

A bicycle without a light will not be visible to drivers and pedestrians. Riding without one is extremely dangerous!
Penalty:up to a 50,000 yen fine (Road Traffic Law Article 52)

●Do not ignore stop signs.

All traffic signs for cars also apply to bicycles. Follow the instructions of road signs:stop, one way, do not enter and so on. If you don’t, it will disrupt traffic and could be very dangerous!
Penalty:up to three months imprisonment and/or up to a 50,000 yen fine. (Road Traffic Law, Article 43)


●Do not cycle when intoxicated.

Cycling while drunk is not allowed. The penalty for drunk cycling is very severe. Drinking impairs your judgment and prevents you from riding safely. It is very dangerous!
Penalty:up to five years imprisonment and/or up to one million yen fine (Road Traffic Law, Article 65)


“Soraichi ” is an application for smart phones developed by Sorachi General Subprefectural Bureau of Hokkaido Government. The Sorachi region has a variety of attractions: vast nature, wine, delicious local foods and art, and the remains of industrial sites including those of former coal mines. The “Soraichi” app shows them all! Come and find the best Sorachi has to offer!
*App only in Japanese

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