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■Address: Kairaku Koen Tsukigata-cho Kabato-gun
■Open:Late April~October 31
■There is a campground, bungalows, a BBQ square, a park golf course, and a boat rental service on this vast site covering 27 hectares. A 3 km cycling course encircles the park. You can come as you are and rent a bike.



■Address:Tomei 2-ku Bibai?shi
■Open:May 1~October 31
■Famous for its cherry trees and azaleas,this park has some 5,000 cherry trees blooming in season. In May every year, the Bibai Cherry Festival is held here. On a hill in the park, a Dutch-made “Space Carillon” with 24 bells rings out a beautiful melody every hour. From the adjacent Furusato no Mieru Oka Observatory, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sorachi Plain.



■Address: Tsukigata 81-10 Tsukigata-cho Kabato-gun
■Closed:On the 3rd Tuesday of every month
■Fees:Adults 500 yen,Children 250 yen
■Located in Kairaku Park and connected to Tsukigata Hot Spring Hotel. Hot spring water is sold in a vending machine.



■Address:Tomei-cho 3-ku Bibai-shi
■Open all the year round
■Fees:Adults 600 yen,Children 300 yen
■At this place, relaxing hot spring and accommodation and delicious meals are offered here. The most popular attraction, an Italian style open-air bath, is lit up blue, recreating an image from Capri Island in Italy.



■Address: Oomagari 3-ku Nishi Bibai-cho Bibai-shi
■Closed:On Monday, on weekdays that follow a national holiday, and from Dec. 31 to Jan.5
■This is one of the world’s biggest destinations of the migratory bird and Japanese natural monument the Greater White Fronted Goose.Bean Geese and Tundra Swans also make stopovers here. It has been designated as one of Japan’s Wildlife Protection Areas. The birds can be seen around early April and then again in late September.



■Address:Tomei 5-jo 2-chome Bibai-shi
■Built in 1948, this station building was donated from Mitsubishi Company to Bibai City in 1972. The former Tomei Line, leading to the Garo district, is now used as a cycling road. Behind the building, there is a type 4110 ten-wheel tank steam engine, NO.2.



■Address:Nishi 2-jo Minami 2-chome 2-1 Bibai-shi
■They offer various dishes including Japanese and Italian cuisine. Their fresh pasta dishes and desserts are especially popular.



■Address: Sakaemachi Ochiai-cho Bibai-shi
■Closed:On Tuesday, on days following a national holiday (except Sunday), and from Dec. 31 to Jan.5
■When you visit this nostalgic place and see the sculptures of Yasuda Kan, you may lose track of time. Once a residential area for miners, it was turned into this 70,000 square meter space for art and nature. The second floor of the former Sakae Elementary School is now used as an exhibition space, and the first floor houses Bibai Municipal Sakae Kindergarten.



■Address: Nishi 1-jo Minami 2-chome 1-2 Odori Bibai-shi
■In this square, all the delicious local food in Bibai are available. Bibai skewered grilled chicken restaurant Tatsumi, local dishes and Japanese chicken pilaf shop Shirakaba Jaya,Bibai fried noodles Kadoya, and Hamburger shop Area Hope.



■Address:Shintoku-cho 1-ku Bibai-shi
■Closed:New Year's holidays
■Bibai Tourism Association runs this shop, which sells various products made in Bibai. Their website features information on famous Bibai items, including Bibai skewered grilled chicken and Kadoya fried noodles,which you can also purchase right there on the website.
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