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■Address: Higashi 11-13-3 Ebeotsu-cho, Takikawa-shi.
Between mid-November and mid- April
■Closed:Dec. 31, Jan.1
■It is located on Route 12, which connects Sapporo and Asahikawa. The farmers' market sells fresh vegetables and fruits grown by local farmers. Apple ice cream using locally grown apples is especially popular.



■Address:Ebeotsu-cho Nishi 12 Chome 8-22 Takikawa-shi
■Hours for Day bath users:9:30~21:30
Monday 16:00~21:30
■Open all the year round
■Fees:Adults 500 yen,Children 250 yen
■In the early 20th century, a mineral spring was found here by a fisherman. He built a public bath and then a lodging facility was added. This is a 100 % natural hot spring.



■Address: Ebeotsu-cho 3949-14 Takikawa-shi
■ Phone:0125-75-5451(Maruka Highlands Learning Center)
■Open all the year round (2nd Saturday of June~2nd Sunday of September for the camp ground)
■People visit here to see the panoramic view.Facilities for outdoor activities dot the vast field,including an auto campsite (dogs are allowed) and a multi-purpose ground. Canola flowers are in full bloom in late May and early June, and cosmos flowers in September and October.

Early June Canola Flower Festival in Takikawa

■This festival is held between the end of May and the beginning of June, at the peak season for canola flowers.
Local specialties are sold at Takikawa Roadside Station.
Enjoy the great view of the flowers at their best viewing spots and at the best time of year.
■Phone:Takikawa Tourism Association


Yellow cosmos blooming in autumn

■Common cosmos flowers, popular in autumn, usually come in red, pink, or white.
But in Takikawa City, a variety of cosmos, of the species of Cosmos sulphureus, blooms in yellow in autumn.
Between late September and early October is the best season to see them.
Get more information from Maruka Highlands Learning Center or Commerce and Tourism Division, Economic Department, Takikawa City.
■Phone:Commerce and Tourism Division,Economic Department, Takikawa City


●Cycling is effective for weight loss

Cycling helps most people to lose weight! Try to pedal fasteron a low gear! It helps your body to burn the body fat.
If you want to build up your muscle, pedal slowly on a high gear!

[ For effective dieting ]
◎ Pedal at 80 revolutions per minute!
◎Keep on it at least 30 minutes!
You have to buy a bicycle with a gear shifting system to achieve pedaling at 80 revolutions per minute.

●On a long distance cycling, be sure to take in enough calories!

Cycling can consume more energy that a cyclist realizes.
Calories consumed on one day ride may reach 4,000̃5,000.
Take in enough calories to avoid hitting the wall!

You may completely run out of energy on a long ride because of the depletion of glycogen stores in your body.
It manifests itself by sudden fatigue, loss of energy and thinking faculty.

[For a quick recovery]
Consuming foods or drinks containing carbohydrates is effective.
Chocolate and ice cream will turn into energy instantly! Jelly type high calorie foods are also recommended.

[For avoidance]
Take some high calorie foods such as: nuts, beef jerky, fruits or dried fruit with you and eat a small portion of them frequently.
Try to supplement energy before you feel hungry to avoid bonking.