Sorachi de Cycling/spring family report


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We visited Takikawa to enjoy Japan's largest canola field during the Canola Flower Festival was held.
As the festival was held on that day, we gave it a try with our kids.
We thought a 13 km for cycling course would be easy even for a family, even though it contained hilly area.
First we visited a road side station and got a Canola Flower Area Map.
Then we were on our way! Soon we started seeing the fields of yellow canola flowers in full bloom and our kids got so excited that they pushed down the pedals powerfully but irresistibly ! Up close, they looked even more beautiful and prettier.
So we made a stop and took a lot of family photos.
Having a lingering attachment for the flowers, we headed to the next point for pleasure.
We then biked up a steep hill albeit it may be a little bit tough for kids.Gasping for air, we arrived at Maruka Kogen(Highland) Denshukan after a while.
From the lookout on the hillside, we fully enjoyed a fantastic panoramic view of Mt.
Pinneshiri and the Shokanbetsu-dake Ranges and felt the fresh country air inspiring our body but our kids were much more satisfied with the culinary delights sold by vendors in the site for the festival than the scenery and the fresh air.
As Maruka Kogen(Highland) has a fame of so beautiful cosmos flowers blooming and covering the whole area in autumn that we headed back to the road side station, our finishing point, with a hope we would come again and bike around together with our kids who were expected to get a little bit taller.